We are Lucent Starrs

About Us

Lucent Starrs, an Atlanta based power band is shaking the music industry with their genre shattering music – mixing the beats of hip-hop, rock guitar, sweet melodies, and hooks so memorable you will be singing them for days. This future thinking band offers new hope and such a cool style that I see them topping the music industry for years to come. The band is also unique in its composition:

Highly sought-after producer Astro, whose beats and production is widely known in the industry and among peers on SoundCloud has joined Lucent Starrs and both producer and artist. Astro’s hard-hitting beats and “cannot get out of your head” melodies are sure to please and shock the music industry.

Joined by fellow producer Next Gear, whose beats have been used across Europe ranking his sound as one of the most aggressive, anthem style music in the Industry.

Dunamis with slick vocals, untouched guitar licks, amazing harmonies, and his strong stage performance makes this group a huge contender for success in the multi-genre music arena.

To top it off, ZAS, a beautiful girly girl rounds this group with such versatility; it is hard to imagine what they will create next.